Elizabeth Plowman – Will – 1716

The last will and testament of Elizabeth Plowman of Rimpton in the County of Somerset widow made published and witnessed AND DECLARED this third day of May Anno DOMINI 1716. First I bequeath my soul to god and my body to Christian buryall and as for my worldly estate I give and dispose thereof as followeth Viz. I give to my son William Plowman the sum of one hundred pounds and the bedd whereron he doth usually lye with all its APPURTENANCES
ITEM I give to my daughter Langdon the sum of one hundred pounds BUT in CASE she shall not be living at my decease my will is it shall be equally divided amongst her children also I give to my daughter Elizabeth Plowman one hundred pounds and also I give ONE FEATHER BEdd with all its APPURTENANCES
ITEM I give to my son John Plowman all the impropriate parsonage and DONATIVE Church of Tincleton in the County of Dorset with all its rights and MEMBERS and on FEATHER BEdd with all the THEREUNTO belonging also I give to my son George Plowman all those goods and household stuff which he now hath in his custody and all the COST and RESIDUE of mY Goods and Chattels and HOUSEHOLD stuff I give amongst my other children above named to be equally divided amongst them which shall be living at my decease but IN CASE ANY OR EITHER of my said children shall happen to dye before me then I give his oR her part of my LEGACYES BEFORE GIVEN EXCEPT as before EXCEPTED TO BE EQUALLY DIVIDED BETWEEN MY CHILDREN THEN LIVING (given script(?) as before equally divided between my children then living) at the discretion of my executor herein after named
ITEM I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Plowman all the money which shall be due On MR William FRESRE’S bond anD if any OR EITHER OF my said children EXCEPT (script) my son John shall lay ANY CLAIM to Tincleton Parsonage aforesaid or shall put my son John to any cost or trouble about their share theYir AND or either of them shall loOse and forfeit his and their legacies hereby given and then such legacy or legacies so forfeited I will and DESIRE may goE and be divided between my other children equally also I give to my grand son William Langdon the sum of five pounds and to my NEPHEW Lawrence SAINTLO I give a ring whomE I with my son George I do nominate and appoint trustees of this my will
ITEM Then I give to my son George Plowman thEis FURNACE and GRATE (this) THEREunto belonging which is now in my house at Rimpton and my will is that the legacies which I have given unto my children shall not be payable to them UNTIL TWELVE monthS after my decease. But the interest THEREOF shall COMMENCE from my DEATH also is my will that the hundred pounds which I have given unto my daughter Ann Langdon shall remain to her own USE but it shall be deposited in the hands of my trustees until it may be paid out in some estate for her life or put out at interest by her (sons?)CONSENT and approbation(s) and I do hereby make CONSTITUTE and appoint my son John Plowman whole and sole executor of this my last will and testament witness
(NOed) my hand and seal th(is)E day and year first above written. Elizabeth Plowman signed sealed published and DECLARED (witnesses) in the presence of ME?? John Norman William Martin Geo: (Norge) Daubeny