Common Ancestors of the Tweedie & Tweedy Families.


Olifard, a man of influence and possessions on Tweedside


Oliver, the son of Kylvert, of Oliver's Castle  m. Beatrice of East Lothian,  1175-1199.


Muryn, “caput Castrum Oliveri,” 1150-1200


Adam et Cosouold, “filii Muryn aput Castrum Oliveri "


Johannes de Tueda, 1249 .


Fynlaw de Twydyn, 1296, "del Comte de Lanarke"


Roger de Twydyn, “the son of Fynlaw de Twydyn.” Charter from Robert the Bruce of the Barony of Drummelzier, 12th June, 1325. First Baron of Drummelzier married a daughter of Lawrence Fraser of Drummelzier.


William de Twedy, Baron of Drummelzier, 1331, “son of Roger, son of Finlay del Twydyn”.


James Tuedy, Baron of Drummelzier, 1351-1360 ; m. his cousin, daughter of Sir James Douglas and Lady Agnes Dunbar, circa 1351.  Their daughter Elizabeth married Richard Brown


Walter de Tuedy, Baron of Drummelzier, Vice Comes de Peblis, 1373.


James of Tuedy, Baron of Drummelzier ; m., 1422, his cousin Katherine of Caverhyll He had issue :-

1.     Walter Tweedie, Baron of Drummelzier (from whom the Drummelzier family descends. (See pedigree Tweedie of Drummelzier).

2.     William Tweedie of Oliver; Charter of Oliver, 13th February, 1489, (See pedigree Tweedie of Oliver).

3.     Laurence.

4.     Margaret; m. Andrew Ker, ancestor of the Dukes of Roxburgh

An unrecorded son?:

5.? George Twedye, (See Pedigree Tweedy of Essex).