The Pedigree of the Family of Tweedie-Stodart.


George Stodart of Walston Place, Lanarkshire ; m. 1769, Jean, fifth daughter of Thomas Tweedie of Quarter (see pedigree Tweedie of Quarter). She died 6th June, 1812 ; their issue :


1.     Thomas Stodart of Cardrona Mains, of whom presently.

2.     James Stodart, b. 1772, d. 1803, act. 30.

3.     Marion, b. January and d. April, 1777.

4.     Mary, d. 1st March, 1778.

5.     Jean, d. 30th January, 1842.


The eldest son :—


Thomas Stodart of Cardrona Mains ; b. 1769 ; m. firstly, Christian, seventh daughter of Thomas Tweedie of Oliver (see pedigree Tweedie of Oliver) ; he died 25th May, 1820; she died 14th June, 1806; their issue,


1.     George Tweedie-Stodart of Oliver, of whom presently.

2.     Thomas Stodart, b. 3rd May, 1801 ; m, 14th October, 1828, Robina Ker Aitchison, and d. 20th January, 1879.

3.     James Stodart, of Walston Place, co. Lanark ; m. 1831, Janet Liddell, elder daughter and co-heir of Andrew Steele, of Crosswood Hill, co. Edinburgh; he died 8th March, 1869; she died 15th February, 1840, leaving issue.

4.     Laurence Stodart, married Mary Ann Middleton, and died in Australia, leaving issue.

5.     Jane, m. 1836, Thomas Aitchison, Brewer in Edinburgh, and died 28th February, 1891, leaving issue,


Thomas Stodart, married, secondly, Anne Lawson, daughter of Laurence Brown, of Edmondstone, co. Lanark, by Anne, daughter of John Lawson of Cairmuir, co. Peebles, and by her had a daughter,

6.     Anne Lawson Stodart; married Rev. William Campbell.


The eldest son,


George Tweedie-Stodart of Oliver and Holmshaw, assumed the name and arms of Tweedie on the death of his uncle, Lawrence Tweedie of Oliver, in 1837, from whom he received the estate of Oliver; b. 13th October, 1799; d. 26th August, 1869; m. Mary Wilson, daughter of Alexander Paul and Elizabeth his wife, sister and co-heir of Francis Wilson of Stroquhan co. Dumfries, and by her (who died 8th October, 1844) had issue:—

1.     Thomas Tweedie-Stodart of Oliver, of whom presently.

2.     George Tweedie-Stodart, Writer to the Signet; b. 18th January, 1841 ; d. unmarried, 23rd May, 1882.

3.     Alexander Tweedie-Stodart, M.D., Edinburgh; b. 5th August, 1842. d.unm

4.     James Tweedie-Stodart, b. 24th September, 1844, d. unmarried, 23rd June, 1896.

5.     Eliza, b. 17th July, 1845.


The eldest son :—


Thomas Tweedie Stodart of Oliver and Holmshaw, J.P.; b. 4th December, 1838 ; m. 11th July, 1871, Eleanor Littledale, daughter of the Rev. John Dick, of Tweedsmuir, and has issue :—

1.     Laurence Tweedie-Stodart of Oliver, of whom presently.

2.     Mary, b. 20th April, 1873.

3.     Eleanora, b. 18th October, 1874.


Laurence Tweedie-Stodart of Oliver b. 26th September, 1876; d.25th January 1963 at Oliver; m. 5th October 1908 (Golden Wedding anniversary - The Times, Thursday, Oct 09, 1958), Lilla Ramsay Hannay Dick (his cousin - d.1981) and had issue;

1.     Oliver Tweedie Stodart b.1909 d.unm 1994

2.     Jean Eleanor Tweedie Stodart b.1911 m.1939 Rev Dr Lewis Davidson d.2004

3.     Eleanor Littledale Tweedie Stodart b.1913 d.2000 Third Officer WRNS (1943)

4.     Dr Nancy Marjorie Tweedie Stodart b.1919 d.22nd September 2008 at Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.