The Pedigree of the House of Tweedie of Oliver.



William Tweedie of Oliver had issue :-


1)     Andrew Tweedie, of Oliver Castle and Kingledoors (" son of a younger son of Drummelzier,")

2)     Laurence Tweedie ("son of William Tweedie of Oliver).


Thomas Tweedie, of Oliver Castle, concerned in the slaughter of Lord Fleming and subsequent proceedings.


William Tweedie, of Oliver Castle, Charter nth December, 1565 from Lord Torpichen. Concerned in the murder of Rizzio.


William Tweedie of Oliver had issue :


1)     William Tweedie of Oliver, killed, 1604, by John Batiesoun, who was hanged at Edinburgh.

2)     Thomas Tweedie of Oliver, Charter i8th August, 1611.

3)     Robert Tweedie.


The son of William Tweedie of Oliver:


Patrick Tweedie of Oliver, had a charter of the Barony of Oliver Castle from Thomas, Earl of Melrose, on his marriage, 14th June, 1619, on his father's resignation; he married Janet, daughter and co-heiress of John Bollo, or Boo, of Staine; he died 11th April, 1655. She was buried 19th May, 1679, leaving issue.


Their eldest son, Thomas of Oliver, d.s.p. 8th December, 1655.

The second son :—

John Tweedie of Oliver, succeeded his father, Patrick, before 7th April, 1657: m. 22nd January, 1652, Elizabeth Laidlay. He died 27th May, 1669.  She was buried 22nd August, 1675.

Their issue :


1)     Thomas Tweedie of Oliver, of whom presently.

2)     Alexander Tweedie, baptised 2oth March, 1664; d. 1st April, 1664.

3)     William Tweedie, baptised 7th May, 1665.

4)     Elspeth (Eleasabeth) ; m. 17th June, 1680, John Tweedie of Wester Hairstanes. She died i6th November, 1689.

5)     Jennet, baptised nth December, 1659,

6)     Jeane, baptised 11th April, 1667.


The eldest son :


Thomas Tweedie of Oliver, b. 2nd November, 1656, d. 7th May, 1731 ; m. June, 1681, Christian Williamson (who d. i3th May, 1700, aged 51).


He had issue:


1)     James Tweedie of Oliver, of whom presently.

2)     Thomas Tweedie of Quarter, b. 6th December, 1692, from whom the present male representation of the family descends (see pedigree of Tweedie of Quarter).

3)     John Tweedie, merchant in Edinburgh, d.s.p. before 24th December, 1778.

4)     Joan, m. (contract 7th April, 1715) James Kello of Kingledoors and Westborrow.


The eldest son :


James Tweedie of Oliver (charter from Thomas, Earl of Haddington, 16th April, 1694, his father having disponed the estate in his favour), baptized 17th December, 1682; d. 10th August, 1753; m. 21st August, 1718, Margaret, sister and co-heir (with her sister, Mrs. Murray, of Kennelhead) of Adam Ewart of Sailfoot, co. Dumfries. She died 1st January, 1772, at the age of 85.


They had issue :


1)     Thomas Tweedie, baptised and d. an infant, i8th February, 1723.

2)     Thomas Tweedie of Oliver, baptised 17th November, 1727, of whom presently.

3)     Marion, b. 1719, m. 1st , Inglis, and had issue. She m. secondly, December, 1754, George Miller.

4)     Christian (Christina or Christin), baptised 8th June, 1721, died unmarried 13th March, 1775, aet. 54.

5)     Margaret, baptised 1st June, 1724, m. subsequently to 1754, Thomas Copland, and d. 24th November, 1774, s.p.

6)     Jean, baptised i3th February, 1726, d. young.


The only surviving son,


Thomas Tweedie of Oliver, b. 8th November, 1727, baptised 17th November, 1727, m. 1754, Jane, daughter of James Brown of Edmondstone, co. Lanark.  He died 6th March, 1803, and his widow in 1809.


They had issue:


1)     James Tweedie, baptised ist June, 1755, d. young.

2)     Thomas Tweedie, baptised 27th March, 1757, d. 27th August, 1762.

3)     Adam Ewart Tweedie, Capt. i2th Regiment, baptised 2Oth October, 1758, died unmarried, killed, 1794, at Guadaloupe with the whole garrison.

4)     Lawrence Tweedie of Oliver, of whom presently.

5)     Elizabeth, Bettie, or Bethea, b. 3ist May, 1760, baptised 2nd August, 1760, m. 16th February, 1786, Thomas Tweedie of Patervan, co. Peebles, who died 2nd June, 1847. She died 5th August, 1845 (see pedigree Tweedie of Dreva, Nether Minzon, &c.).

6)     Margaret, or Peggie, baptised 6th March, 1763, m. 17th December, 1779, John Anderson of Cramalt, co. Peebles; he died 17th August, 1832. She died 27th September, 1824, leaving issue.

7)     Ann, baptised 8th July, 1764, d. 20th July, 1766.

8)     Christian, baptised 1st June, 1768, d. 7th December, 1768.

9)     Jean, baptised 1st January, 1770, d. 17th September, 1787.

10)      Anne, baptised 14th September, 1771, m. 13th April, 1792, John Crawford of Leith.

11)      Christian, baptised 29th May, 1774; m. ( ? 1800) Thomas Stodart, of Cardrona Mains, co. Peebles, and d. 14th June, 1806, from whom descends the family of Tweedie-Stodart of Oliver (see pedigree Tweedie-Stodart of Oliver).



The second Son :


Lawrence Tweedie of Oliver, and of Holmshaw, co. Dumfries, b. 31st May, 1766, baptised 15th June, 1766 ; settled his estate by disposition, 22nd January, 1834, on his nephew George Stodart (see Tweedie-Stodart of Oliver), and died unmarried 25th January, 1837, when the male representation of the family passed to Thomas Stevenson Tweedie of Quarter (see Pedigree Tweedie of Quarter).