a.       Burke’s History of the Commoners of Great Britain & Ireland. Volume II 1836.

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d.      Thomas Henry Plowman’s family history noted c.1900.

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f.       Additional research by Stephen J F Plowman TD.



1.      John de Tauton (of Taunton)

1.1.   John de Taunton (Abbot of Glastonbury)

1.2.   Richard de Tautone

1.2.1.      John de Tauntone            Son?                  Grandson?                        Robert Taunton      Son?            Richard Taunton (of Somerton)        John Taunton (of Somerton) see below


1.        John Taunton (of Somerton) see above

1.1.   John Taunton (of Somerton)

1.1.1.      Richard Taunton (of Somerton)            William Taunton (of Somerton)                  William Taunton (Governor of Portland Castle) m. Mary Willoughby                        Edmund Taunton (of Hillfields b.1600 d. 1672) m.1639 Elizabeth Yonge?      Edmund Taunton (of Hillfields b.1640 d. 16) m.1672 Mary Symes            William Taunton (of Wrackleford b.1674/5 d.1720) m.1701 Elizabeth Masterman (b.1684 d.1741)                  William Taunton (of Wrackleford b.1704 d.1788) m1.1731 Anne Farr (b.1704 d.1737) m2.1739 Elizabeth Pyle                  William Taunton (of Wrackleford b. 1732 d.1788) B1                  John Taunton (b.1740 d.1769)                  Robert Taunton (b.1742/3 d.1797) A1                  Thomas Taunton (b.1706 d.1779) m. Mary Devenish (b.1715 d.1742)                  Thomas Taunton (b.1742 d.1742)                  Mary Taunton (b.1713)                  Elizabeth Fowler??            Mary Taunton                        William Taunton of Totnell C1


A1.Robert Taunton (b.1742/3 d.1797) m. Frances Cropp

A1.1.                  Robert Cropp Taunton (bapt. 1779)

A1.2.                  William Leonard Thomas Pyle Taunton (b.1778 bapt.1780 d.1850)

A1.2.1.      Lydia Taunton (b.1811)

A1.2.2.      Frances M(ary) Taunton (b.1816 d.1892?)

A1.2.3.      Sarah Elizabeth M Taunton (b.1820 d.1899?)

A1.2.4.      Edmund William Pyle Taunton (b.1821) m. Elizabeth

A1.2.4.1.      Sarah B Taunton (b.1851 Almsford, USA)

A1.2.4.2.      Melicent Lydia Taunton(b.1853 Almsford, USA d. 1914) m.1882 Newton Seth, of Ashley

A1.            Douglas Newton Seth (b.1888 m.1914)

A1.                  Hugh Douglas Seth

A1.            Charlotte Rachel Seth, (b 1884; d. 1933 dsp)

A1.2.4.3.      Charlotte E Taunton (b.1854 Almsford, USA )

A1.2.4.4.      Charles Edmund Taunton (b.1856Almsford, USA) m.1881 Emma Elizabeth Battershill

A1.            Kathleen McKay Taunton (b.1882)

A1.            Edmund Mackenzie Taunton (b.1884)

A1.            Donald Battershill Taunton (b.1886)

A1.            Harold John Taunton (b.1887)

A1.            Frederick William Taunton (b.1888)

A1.            Robert Cecil Taunton (b.1889)

A1.            Margarita Frances S Taunton (b.1894)

A1.            Charles Worthy Taunton (b.1896)

A1.            Leonard Prior Taunton (b.1898)

A1.        Philip Ashley Taunton (b.1900)

A1.3.                  Elizabeth Weeks Taunton (bapt.1782)

A1.4.                  John Hearn Taunton (b.1783) dsp

A1.5.                  Edmund Taunton (bapt.1785 d.1880)m. Sarah

A1.5.1.      Robert? Taunton abt 1826

A1.5.2.      Sarah Taunton abt 1826

A1.5.3.      Melicent S Taunton abt 1827

A1.5.4.      John Taunton abt 1829

A1.5.5.      Richard Taunton abt 1831

A1.5.6.      Joseph Taunton abt 1834



B1. William Taunton (of Wrackleford bapt.1732 d.1788) m.1765 Margaret Keates

B1.1.    Thomas Taunton (of Wrackleford) bapt.1769 m.10 Aug 1789 Agnes Sabine d.1822

B1.1.1. William Thomas Taunton b.17 May 1790 d. 8 Dec 1790

B1.1.2. Agnes Elizabeth Taunton b. 21 July 1791 bapt 1800 ( d1865) m.Joseph Slade

B1.1.3. William Taunton b.13 Sep 1792 (bapt 1808) d.14 Dec 1820 at sea.

B1.1.4. Thomas Taunton b.9 Nov 1793 d.25 Dec 1798

B1.1.5. Robert Taunton b.2 Feb 1795 d.Nov1798

B1.1.6. Julia Anna Taunton b.29 Jul 1798 d.27 Apr 1819

B1.1.7. Frances Louisa Taunton b.8 Dec 1800 d 1857 m.1822 Henry Plowman

B1.1.7.1.       Thomas Henry Plowman

B1.             Ruth Plowman d.s.p.

B1.1.7.2.       William Taunton Plowman

B1.             William Henry Monckton Plowman d.s.p.

B1.             Frances Louisa Taunton Plowman d.s.p.

B1.1.7.3.       Rev John Herbert Plowman

B1.             Rev Herbert William Thomas Plowman

B1.                   Clifford Henry Fitzherbert Plowman

B1. Pamela Margaret Plowman

B1.       David Koerner Olufemi Brandler

B1.       Andrew Clifford Winawer Brandler

B1.       Marcus Tokuaboh Brandler

B1.       Penelope Faith Therese (m. Paul Renney Esq)

B1.       Robert Guy Mobolaji Brandler

B1. Kathleen Nora Plowman

B1. Ronald Tweedy Fitzherbert Plowman

B1.       Stephen James Fitzherbert Plowman

B1.       Alexandra Claire Plowman

B1.             Arthur Clement Plowman d.s.p.

B1.             Frances Mary Elizabeth Plowman

B1.             Thomas Alexander MacDougall Plowman d.s.p.

B1.             William Plowman d.s.p.

B1.             Edith Margaret Campbell Plowman d.s.p.

B1.             Ellen Maud Plowman d.s.p.

B1.1.8. John Taunton b.Oct/Nov 1803 d. Nov 1806

B1.1.9. Margaret Sophia Taunton b.5May 1807 bapt 1808 m. Rev Hamilton John Williams

B1.1.9.1.       Robert Hamilton Williams b. 1831 m. 1867 d. 1904?

B1.             Blair Hamilton Lee Williams b.1870 m.1910

B1.                   Robert Hamilton Blair Williams b.1915

B1.1.9.2.       William Alexander Blair Williams b.1833

B1.1.9.3.       Hamilton Blair Williams b. 1834 d. 1857

B1.1.9.4.       Joseph Wiberforce Williams b.1837

B1.1.9.5.       Howard Williams b. 1837 m.1860 d. 1931

B1.1.9.6.       Rev Henry John Williams b.1841 m.1870 d. 1916

B1.1.9.7.       Edward Wilmot Williams b. 1843 m.1872 d. 1923

B1.             Edward Taunton Williams b.1874

B1.             Robert Sydenham Williams b.1882 d.1948 d.s.p.

B1.             Eva Margaret Williams b.1872 d.1946 d.s.p.

B1.2.                   Mary Taunton d.1847 m.Thomas Sabine




C1. William Taunton of Totnell

C1.1.                   Son?

C1.1.1. Joseph Taunton (Vicar of Quethiock) m. Mary Guavas

C1.1.1.1.       Nathaniel Taunton (of Liskeard) m. Juliana Tanner

C1.            Elias Taunton

C1.                   Elias Taunton (Rector of Sowton) m. Anne Leaver

C1.                        John Joseph Taunton

C1. Thomas Taunton (bapt.1741)

C1. William Elias Taunton (Sir)(b.1743 d.1825) m.1771 Frances Grosvenor

C1.       William Elias Taunton (of Freeland) m. 1814 Maria Atkinson

C1.             William Elias Taunton (b.1818)

C1.             Charles Edward Taunton (b.1830)

C1.            Maria Taunton

C1.            Frances Taunton

C1.            Emma Taunton

C1.             Caroline Julia

C1.       Thomas Henry Taunton (bapt. 1777 d.1831) m.1804 Jane Davies

C1.            Frederick Taunton D1

C1.             George Edwin Taunton (b.1822 m.1845 d. 1894)

C1.             Thomas Henry Taunton (b.1809 d.1860)

C1.            John Taunton

C1.            Johanna Taunton

C1.            Harriett Taunton

C1.      Daniel Taunton

C1.            William Elias Taunton

C1.            James Bradford Taunton

C1.      George Taunton

C1.       Frances Taunton m. Rev Henry Smith

C1.       Elizabeth Taunton m. William Postlewaite

C1.       Anne Taunton m. Rev John Williams

C1.                        Charlotte Mary Taunton

C1. Juliana Taunton m. Rev Edmund Goodenough

C1.             Nathaniel Taunton dsp

C1.             Joseph Taunton (of Liskeard)

C1.                   Joseph Taunton dsp

C1.                   Carter Taunton dsp

C1.                   Richard Taunton (of Redruth) m. Jane Michell

C1. Richard Taunton (of Truro) m. Anne Whitaker

C1.                  Robert Taunton

C1.                  John Taunton

C1.                   Elizabeth Taunton dsp

C1.                   Grace Taunton dsp

C1.                   Juliana Taunton dsp

C1.             Mary Taunton dsp

C1.             Jane Taunton dsp

C1.             Grace Taunton m. Daniel Carter of Redruth

C1.1.1.2.      Elias Taunton

C1.1.1.3.       Joseph Taunton m. Mary Jess

C1.1.1.4.       Martha Taunton dsp

C1.1.1.5.       Eliza Taunton m. Caleb Tilley

C1.1.1.6.      Rebecca Taunton




D1.Frederick Taunton (Vicar of Kingswood b.1815 d.1904) m1 1842 Anne Rollo m2. 1870 Flora Charlotte Wild

D1.1.                  William Garnett Taunton (b.1852 Mar1852 Kensington 1a 85)

D1.1.1.                        Raufe Grosvenor Taunton (b.1892)

D1.1.2.                        Hugh Lupus Taunton (b.1893)

D1.2.                  Edward Willoughby Taunton (Rev) (b.1875 m.1908 )

D1.3.                  Ethel Flora Jane Taunton (b.1871)

D1.4.                  Alice Mary Taunton (b.1873)

D1.5.                  Mabel Gertrude Taunton (b.1879)

D1.6.                  Lilian Frances Taunton (b.1882)

D1.7.                  Agatha Grosvenor Taunton (b.1886)