Descendants of


Purser, Royal Navy



1.      JAMES POTTINGER (m.1817 Detling, Margaret Morrison, d.1836)


The National Archives have a record of a James Pottinger as a Clerk for the period 30 September 1797-31 August 1803.

On 29 December 1812 he was the purser onboard HMS Java during its engagement and capture by the USS Constitution. He and the surviving crew were released off Bahia on 4 January 1813.

The Navy List of 1814 shows James Pottinger as the purser joining HMS Newcastle (50 guns) in July 1813 under the command of Captain Lord George Stuart. The author Frederick Marryat was one of the Lieutenants.
HMS Newcastle took part in the capture of the American privateers IDA (10guns) and PRINCE DE NEUFCHATEL (18 guns).

In 1826 the Navy List has him 196th out of 682 Pursers. His seniority date of his first Warrant was 29th August 1803. In 1826 this would entitle him to a “half pay” of 4 shillings a day.


1.1.   ROBERT POTTINGER RN Inspector-General of Hospital and Fleet (b.1818 Lerwick, m.(1stly)1853 Catherine Duncan Yorston [d.1854] m.(2ndly)1859 Jane Dobson Robertson [b.1838. d.1894] d. 16 November 1903, Moffat) Robert Pottinger


Some career details extracted from the Navy List and the London Gazette (unless specified otherwise):

1839 3rd May - 22nd Apr 1843, Assistant Surgeon, HMS Druid, East Indies
1845 31st January - Assistant Surgeon, Rhadamanthus, Transport
1847 21st December Promoted to Surgeon
1848 8th July - Surgeon, HMS Reynard, East Indies - The Ship was wrecked April 1851. Returned to England onboard HMS Woodbridge. [The Times 20Nov1851]
1851 December, Surgeon on half pay
1853 January , Surgeon on half pay
1853 September HMS Stromboli [The Times 05Sept1853]
1854 Surgeon HMS Hecla - Baltic (from Edinburgh Gazette).
Description of an engagement in June 1854.
1855 Surgeon HMS Blenheim - Baltic
1857 Surgeon HMS Blenheim plus medal probably the Baltic Medal
1860 Surgeon HMS Neptune - Mediterranean
1861 Surgeon HMS Neptune - Mediterranean
1865 Staff Surgeon HMS Formidable - Flagship Sheerness Vice Admiral Sir Chas Talbot
1866 Staff Surgeon & Medical Storeman - Royal Hospital, Plymouth
1868 8th December Deputy Inspector of Hospitals & Fleets - Naval Hospital (Hong Kong)
1873 12th March, attended the Queen's Levée at Buckingham Palace [The Times 13 March 1873]
1875 Deputy Inspector General of Hospitals & Fleets - Royal Marines
1876 5th March Inspector General of Hospitals & Fleets
1878 11th March Retired Inspector General of Hospitals & Fleets

1.1.1.      Jane Dobson. Pottinger (b.1864 Islington)

1.1.2.      Margaret Pottinger (b.1866 Sheerness, m. 1884 George Alfred Tweedy)

1.1.3.      Mary Sinclair Pottinger (b.1867 Sheerness m.1902 Walter Thorburn Simpson) Robert Alison Creighton Simpson (b.1903)

1.1.4.      Thomas Dobson Pottinger (b.1869 Plymouth)

1.1.5.      Roberta Joanna Pottinger (b.1875 Chatham, m.1901 Arthur Cyril Beaumont Johnson [b.1863 d.1904]) Lt Col Charles Robert Johnson (b.1902 m. Eileen Agnes Mothersill, KIA.1940)      Diana Evelyn Johnson (b.1935) Cyril Martin Hugh Johnson (b.1905 posthumously)

1.1.6.      Catherine Pottinger (b.1878 Lewisham, d.1944 [Civilian War Dead] m.1897 Frank Inglis Dalziel) Catherine Jean Dalziel (b.1899 Walkerburn m.1939 Charles Foster Paddison d.1980) Margaret Inglis Dalziel (b.1900 Walkerburn m.1934 Francis Victor Small d.1986)


1.2.   ANN JEAN POTTINGER (b.1820 Lerwick, m.1850 Hugh Tweedy, d.1907)

1.2.1.      Robert Tweedy (b.1851, d.1855)

1.2.2.      Margaret Tweedy (b.1854, d.1857)

1.2.3.      George Alfred Tweedy (b.1856, m. Margaret Pottinger, d.1935) Hugh Christopher Tweedy (b.1885, d.1885) Robert Pottinger Tweedy (b.1887, d.1911) dsp George John Drummelzier Tweedy (b.1891, d.1935)      John Drummelzier Tweedy (b.1918, KIA 1941) dsp      Timothy Christopher Tweedy (b.1922 , KIA 1942) dsp      Oliver Robert. Tweedy (b.1930) had issue      Andrew David Tweedy (b.1935, d.2000) had issue Nora Margaret Pottinger Tweedy (b.1897, m. 1924 Clifford Henry Fitzherbert Plowman, d.1973)      Pamela Margaret Plowman (b.1925, m. , d.2004) had issue      Kathleen Nora Plowman (b.1926)      Ronald Tweedy Fitzherbert Plowman (b.1928, m.1957, d.2004) had issue

1.2.4.      Hugh James Tweedy (b.1858, d.?) Margaret Eileen May Stafford Eustace Tweedy (b.1891, d.c. 1970)

1.2.5.      Margaret Sarah Tweedy (b1861, d.1897)


1.3.   MARY POTTINGER (b.1822 Lerwick, 1901)


1.4.   JOHN MORRISON POTTINGER (b.1823 Lerwick, m.1858 Islington, Janet Mutter d.1894 Christchurch, New Zealand )

1.4.1.      James Pottinger (b.1859 Islington)

1.4.2.      Jane Pottinger (b.1860 Islington d.1935 Christchurch NZ)

1.4.3.      Robert John Pottinger (b.1864 Islington m.1889 Mary Gifford Laurenson d.1909 Christchurch NZ) Phyllis Pottinger (b.1890 New Zealand d.1969?) George Morison Pottinger (b.1891 New Zealand m.1919 Jent Douglas Keir d.1972) John Douglas Pottinger (b.1923 New Zealand d.1987) Mary Pottinger (b.1896 New Zealand m.1926 Arthur Lancelot James d.1986) John Morison Pottinger (b.1897 New Zealand m.1926 Ida Mary March d.1986) Dorothy Margaret Pottinger (b.1900 New Zealand m.1922 Cyrus Flood Cannon d.1974)

1.4.4.      Arthur William Pottinger (b.1866 Islington, m.1888 Fanny Gertrude Morton ) Marjorie [Morrison] Pottinger (b.1890 New Zealand m.1910 Charles Douglas Simmons)

1.4.5.      George Riach Pottinger (b.1867 Islington, d.1878)

1.4.6.      Margaret Janette Pottinger (b.1869 Islington)

1.4.7.      Anne Mary Pottinger (b.1872 Islington d.1930 Christchurch NZ)