Descendants of the

Rev. William Plowman B.A.

of Dorset

born c.1647 - died 1712

Prepared by

Stephen J F Plowman TD


Son of Thomas Plowman of Sherborne - possible family details.

born: c.1647/8 Sherborne?

married: Elizabeth (Daubeney of Gorwell? See Note), of Rimpton. (buried 26 Oct 1720 at Long Bredy, Dorset.) Her will is recorded at the National Archives ref: 17 December 1721 PROB 11/582 A rough transcription

died: 20 Oct. 1712, Long Bredy, buried 23 Oct. 1712.

Educated at Sherborne School c.1650. (described as the son of Thomas Plowman of Sherborne in the 4th edition of the Sherborne Register.) Long Bredy 

B.A. from Magdalen College, Oxford 25 Feb. 1668/9.

Returned to Sherborne School as an Usher, or junior master. Resigned Michaelmas 1674 because of the prohibition on clerical duty whilst being an Usher at the school to become:

Vicar of Abbotsbury 1 Aug. 1674.

Rector of Winterborne Steepleton 23 April 1694.

Rector of Winterborne Came 9 May and Winterborne Faringdon 16 Nov. 1696.

Rector of Long Bredy 5 July 1701. there is a monument to his memory in the Chancel.

He is listed as a subscriber in "Walker's Suffering of the Clergy".

      his children;

      1. George Plowman.

        born: 12 July 1685, bapt. 15 July 1685, Abbotsbury.

        died: buried 16 Oct 1685, Litton Cheney

      2. Daubeney Plowman.

        born: 1686 bapt. 2 Dec. 1686, at Gorwell Farm, Abbotsbury.

        Still living 1690 - mentioned in his maternal grandfather's will.

      3. Ann Plowman

        born: 1688 bapt. 14 August 1688, Winterborne Steepleton.
        married: Gilbert/Gylbard Langdon 7 March 1707, Melcombe Regis
          Their Child:

          William Langdon
          born: c.1707
          died: 1778

          Vicar of Mudford, Somerset. His will is recorded at the National Archives ref: 06 May 1778 PROB 11/1042

      4. William Plowman.

        born: 1690 bapt. 17 July 1690, Winterborne Steepleton.

      5. John Plowman, of whom presently;

      6. George Plowman

        born: 1694 bapt. 5 June 1694, Winterborne Steepleton.

      7. Elizabeth Plowman

        born: 6 June 1696 bapt. 4 July 1696, Winterborne Steepleton.

      8. Catherine Plowman

        born: 24 October 1698 bapt. 22 November 1698, Winterborne Came.
        died: buried 4 Aug 1701, Long Bredy.

      9. James Plowman

        born: 14 June 1700 bapt. 25 June 1700, Winterborne Came.
        died: 1701 bur. 21 May 1701, Winterborne Came.

The Sherborne Register

4th Edition

Plowman, William, son of T Plowman, Sherborne; Wadham Coll, Oxf. M.A. (Magdalen Coll): Usher of the School 1667; resigned Michaelmas 1674, but continued to act as Usher until Midsummer 1675, "because his successor, Oliver Philipps, was prevented from coming"; Vicar of Abbotsbury 1674, Rector of Winterborne Steepleton 1694; of Winterborne Came 1696; of Long Bredy 1701-12: d.1712 (son 1710).

Plowman, John, Sherborne; Governor 1691; Warden 1698.

Plowman, John, son of Rev W. Plowman (O.S.), Long Bredy, b.1695, Wadham Coll, Oxf 1712; B.A. (Ch.Ch.) 1716.

A History of Sherborne School by A B Gourlay

WILLIAM PLOWMAN, 1667, was another O.S. and affords an illustration of the difficulties that could arise over a master's teaching licence. In 1670 he had been furnished with the official certificate of approval for transmission to the ordinary. This was based on the Statutes of 1592, and Plowman claimed that by swearing before the school Warden never to teach Papistry "he is become Perfect and Compleat Usher to all intents and purposes. And he did repaire to the Citty of New Sarum" with his headmaster to suscribe to the Act of Uniformity, only to find himself fobbed off on the day by the Dean's deputy who accepted the master, but rejected the usher. Evidently there were two sides to the case and in 1672 Plowman was forced to appeal to the Governors, reporting "that the Deane has lately again cited him (as several times within the Compasse of 12 months past) to appear at his Court at Sarum to show cause why he should not be excommunicated (amongst other things) for refusing to take a licence to teach as Usher here."

This Dean of Salisbury was Ralph Brideoake, in his time headmaster and feoffe of Manchester Grammar School and therefore presumably well versed in academic procedure and quite aware of what he was doing. None the less the Sherborne Governors supported Plowman, took the matter successfully to court and paid the costs. In spite of this, three years later they were not prepared to waive in his case the prohibition on clerical duty and Plowman had to resign in consequence. But this did not stop him in after years from sending his own son to the school.

Extract from " The Rectors of Long Bredy in Dorset 1500-1815" by Canon F E Trotman.

W, Plowman was the son of Thomas Plowman of Sherborne, educated at the famous school, and Usher or Lower Master there 1667-75. He was 17 when he matriculated at Wadham College, Oxford, in 1664: resigned his post at the School in 1674 to become Vicar of Abbotsbury; passed on to Winterborne Steepleton in 1694 and Came in 1686; and became Rector of Long Bredy in 1701. A son, William also of Wadham College, was born when his father was at Steepleton and a daughter, Catherine was buried at Long Bredy in 1701. Elizabeth Plowman of Rimpton, buried(?) at Rimpton, buried at Long Bredy in 1720 was Probably his widow. The Rector's own monument is in the Chancel.

"P.M.S. GW: Plowman A.M. Luj eccliae Rectoris qui obit Octob Vicesimo anno. Dom. 1712"


born: 1692 bapt. 6 September 1692 Winterbourne Steepleton Tolpuddle 

married: Mary Chapman, of Tolpuddle, 11 Feb. 1723/4 at Blandford St Mary. (She died Feb. 1745, buried 14 Feb.)

died: Jan 1769 Tolpuddle (buried 25 Jan) His will is held by the Dorset Record Office.

Wadham College, matric. 4 April 1712 aged 17

B.A. from Christchurch 1716

Vicar of Tolpuddle 25 May 1719 and of Tincleton.

    his children:

    1. John Plowman

      born: 1724, baptised 01 November 1724 Tolpuddle.
      died: 1724 buried at Tolpuddle 15 November 1724

    2. Katherine

      born:1726, baptised 31 March 1726
      married: Thomas Bateson 12 September 1758, Tolpuddle.
      The marriage was witnessed by Henry and Elizabeth Plowman.

    3. Mary

      born: circa 1727, baptised 24 March 1727, Tolpuddle
      married: A Mary Plowman married a John Gardiner of Yeovil 20 October 1746, Ansford, Somerset.
      In the wills of both her father (see below) and brother John, Mary Gardiner is to receive an annual sum directly into her hand and not into the hand of her husband.

    4. Henry Plowman

      born: 1730, baptised 01 October 1730 Tolpuddle
      died: 1730 Buried at Tolpuddle 29 November 1730)

    5. (Will)anna Maria

      born: 1732, baptised 28 June 1732 Tolpuddle
      married: John Shitler 3 February 1756, Tolpuddle.
      died: 1808 aged 70 (memorial in grave yard)
      The marriage was witnessed by Henry and John Plowman.

        Recorded baptisms for children of John Shitler & Willanna Maria:

        1) John, baptised at Tolpuddle on 10 Nov 1756.
        2) Elizabeth, baptised at Tolpuddle on 3 Jan 1757.

    6. Henry Plowman

      born: c.1734, baptised 13 November 1734 Tolpuddle
      died: 1762 (A Henry Plowman was buried at Tolpuddle 22 March 1762)
      Oriel College matric. 12 May 1756 aged 17.

    7. Elizabeth

      born: 1739 bapt. 9 September 1739, Tolpuddle
      married: Rev Gilbert Langdon 25 Nov. 1766, Tolpuddle.
      The marriage was witnessed by Ann and John Shitler.

        Recorded baptisms for children of Gilbert Langdon & Elizabeth:

        1) Elizabeth, baptised at Tolpuddle on 7 Jan 1768.
        2) Gilbert, baptised at Piddletown on 3 Aug 1771, buried 16 May 1776 at Piddletown.
        3) John, baptised at Piddletown on 30 Aug 1773.
        4) Kitty, baptised at Piddletown on 14 Mar 1775.
        5) Ann, baptised at Piddletown on 31 dec 1776.
        6) Gilbert, baptised at Piddletown on 30 Jul 1778.
        7) Gilbert Henry, baptised at Piddletown on 3 Jan 1780.

    8. John Plowman, of whom presently


Dorchester Public Record Office

In the name of God amen. I John Plowman clirk, Vicar of Tolpiddle in the County of Dorset do declare this my last Will and testament in Manner and Form following. I commit my body to Christian Burial. My soul I recommend to God, in hopes to be saved in and through the Merits and Mediation of my saviour Jesus.

My worldly goods and effects I dispose thereof in manner and form following.

I give to my daughter Elizabeth Langdon, littles living, to her child or children if she haves any during their lives by who(?) it is held, but if she dies without any, then to return to my son John and Will Anna Maria Shitler, to be divided between them; also I give to my said daughter Elizabeth Langdon, my living at Burleston, called Hilliers, and to her child or children, and after her decease, to her husband, if he shall be living, for the life of my daughter Shitler. I give to my son in law Thomas Bateson and to his wife one shilling each, and whereas I am endebted to him the sum of two hundred pounds for which I have given him bond, I do, if he shall think proper to deliver up the bond, given to him my living called Popes, to be settled upon his wife after his decease should she survive him. I give to my son in law John Shitler and to his wife one shilling each. As to my estates called Sheepherds, Braggs and my divers any(?) estate called Joyces lying at Burleston and all goods and chattels and all debts due to me at my decease. I shall give the same to my son John Plowman, my son in law Gilbert Langdon and to my son in law John Shitler and also Ball pose(?) to be held by them disposed thereof as they shall think fit for the payment of my just debts. I give to my son John Plowman my leasehold estate, held by lease from the Dean and Chapter of Christ Church College, Oxon, during the term by them to me granted, and to be by him renewed and purchased as shall think fit, paying out of the profits thereof to Gilbert Langdon and John Shitler, in trust for my daughter Mary Gardiner, for her use only, the sum of twelve pounds yearly, during her life to be received and paid to her, and no body else, and her receipt to be their discharge. My books and goods to be sold towards the discharge of my just debts unless the sale of my estates shall be sufficient for the purpose.

I do nominate and appoint my son John Plowman my sole executor. Wittness my hand and seal this eighth day of December 1766. John Plowman.


The second day of February 1768(?). The above written Will of John Plowman late Vicar of Tolpiddle in the County of Dorset and Diocese of Bristol deceased was proved by Oath of John Plowman Clerk the natural and lawful son of the said deceased and sole Executor above named to whom Administration of all and singular the goods Chattels and Credits of the said deceased was granted he being first Sworne upon the Holy Evangelists well and faithfully to administer the same and to make a true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the said Goods Chattels and Credits and to exhibit the same into the Registry of the Bishop of Bristol and to render a just Account thereof when thereunto lawfully required. Sworne before me J W Booth Snr(?).


born: 1740 bapt. 20 Oct. 1740, Tolpuddle.

married: firstly: Mary Warren
secondly - 7 Nov. 1776 Elizabeth Gollop,spinster of Holy Trinity, Dorchester.
The marriage was witnessed by Eliza Maria Foy & Thomas Gollop. Toller Porcorum 
died: 1784 Toller Porcorum. His will is recorded at the National Archives ref: 22 May 1784 PROB 11/1117 A rough transcription

Wadham College matric. 4 April 1759 aged 17.
B.A. 1763
M.A. 1765

Curate of Tolpuddle 1764
Vicar of Toller Porcorum.
He appears in the 1780 Male Servant Tax returns as having one servant.
Trustee of the Maiden Newton Turnpike.

    children by his first wife:

    1. John Warren Plowman

      born: 1768 bapt. 15 Feb. 1768 Tolpuddle
      died: 1768 buried 18 Feb. 1768 Tolpuddle.

    2. John Warren Plowman

      born: 1771 bapt. 4 Oct. 1771 Toller Porcorum
      married: 18 May 1796 Anna Langdon, Milton Abbas (Youngest daughter of the Rev Gilbert Langdon of Milton Abbey)(An Ann Plowman, widow, married Samuel Fitzherbert of the parish of Chideock Dorset, 31-Mar 1802 by licence at Milton Abbey.)
      died: 17 Nov. 1798 Milton Abbas. His will is recorded at the National Archives ref: 30 May 1799 PROB 11/1324

      Oriel College 20 May 1790 aged 18.
      Reynolds exhibition. Exeter College 1791; B.A. 1794
      Vicar of Stogursey

      He had two sons who both died in infancy

      1) John Langdon Plowman bapt. 29 Mar 1797 at Milton Abbas, Dorset
      2) John Plowman bapt. 1 Aug 1798 at Milton Abbas, Dorset

    Children by his second wife:

    3. Thomas Plowman

      born: 1777 bapt. 28 Sept. 1777 Toller Porcorum.
      married: 10 September 1801, Cattistock, Mary(Molly?) Hobbs (died 27 Dec 1855). Witnessed by Thos. Hobbs and Mary Warren Plowman
      died: 5 Oct. 1856 North Curry, Somerset.

      Occupation & Residence:

      1815, Miller, Cattistock, Dorset
      1813, Miller, Cattistock, Dorset
      1817, Miller, Cattistock, Dorset
      1841, Relief Officer Chard Union, Chard, Somerset
      1846, Relief Officer Chard Union, Chard, Somerset
      1851, Retired Relief Officer Chard Union, North Curry, Somerset

      For the possible children of Thomas Plowman click here:

    4. Henry Plowman, of whom presently.

    5. George Plowman

      born: 1780 bapt. 11 Sept. 1780 Toller Porcorum
      He went out to Montego Bay, Jamaica but nothing was heard of him since 1817.

    6. Mary Warren
      born: 3 Sept. 1782 Toller Porcorum
      married: 1820 William MacIntyre, Surgeon
      died: 1863 Brighton

      They had two daughters.

      i. Harriet Elizabeth

        born: 23 September 1822
        married: 16 May 1844 at All Souls, Saint Marylebone, London, John Gregory Forbes (MRCS & LSA 1841 and FRCS 1850) he died 19 March 1890
        died: 28 July 1889

        1881 Census Return

          Their children;

            1. William Keith Forbes

              born: c1845 Paddington
              married: 18 Jan 1883 Mary Caroline Angell
              died: 15 June 1918, Melbourne, Australia

              He took Holy Orders in Australia.

                Their children:

                a. Keith Angell Forbes

                  born: 1884
                  married: 1911 Eileen Dennis
                  died: 1959

                b. Gerald McIntyre Forbes

                  born: c.1885
                  married: 1922 Frances Evelyn Davies
                  died: 3 September 1933 (attributed to war service)

                  Enlistment 1916 with 38th Battalion, 4th Reinforcement, Australian Infantry. Served on the Western Front.
                  His obituary in The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 4 February 1933, listed three children; Donald, Mary and Phillip.

                c. Athol Davenport Forbes

                  born: 1889, Melbourne (Victoria Government Gazette, 7th August 1912)
                  married: 4 June 1915, Inu Mabel Harding

                  The Victoria Government Gazette, 7th August 1912 has one Athol Davenport Forbes being granted a Certificate of Competency as a First Mate.

                    Their children:

                    A. Peter Athol Forbes

                    born: c.1921 Australia
                    died: KIA 29 January 1943,Papua New Guinea

                    B. Margaret Athol Forbes

                    married: Raymond Boultwood Ewers (b. 20 Aug 1917 d. 5 Jun 1998)

                      Their children:

                      i. Michael Boultwood Ewers
                      ii. Peter Raymond Ewers

                    C. William Forbes

                    D. Patricia Forbes

                    E. Nancy Jill A(thol) Forbes

                    born: about 1927
                    died: 1944

                d. Marion Edith Forbes

                  born: 1896

            2. Marion Forbes

              born: c. 1847 Paddington

            3. John Gregory Forbes

              born: 1848 Paddington
              married: 1878 Emma Louisa Whatman (Dec 1878 Kensington 1a 217)
              died: 18 May 1917 (Jun 1917 Depwade 4b 273)

              Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A. 1870; M.A. 1873. J.P. for Cambs.
              Ord. deacon (London) 1872; priest (Bishop Claughton, for Rochester) 1874.
              Curate of St Anne's, Highgate Rise, Middlesex, 1872-4.
              Curate of Pebmarsh, Essex, 1874-5.
              Curate of Hythe, Kent, 1875-6. P.C. of Lydd, 1876-80.
              Vicar of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex, 1880-90.
              Rector of Chesterton, Cambs., 1890-9. Select Preacher, 1896.
              Rector of Dickleburgh, Norfolk, 1900-17.

              The 1881 Census has him listed as the Vicar Of Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex.
              1890 Vicar of Chesterton, near Cambridge. The 1901 Census lists him & his wife at Dickleburgh, Norfolk.
              His children:

                a. Charles Godfrey Forbes

                  born: 24 October 1879 Ramsgate, Kent

                  U.S. Naturalization - 1930

                b. Margaret Julia Forbes

                  born: 1881 Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex

            4. James Keith Forbes

              born: 1849 Paddington
              Married: 8 March 1881, Helen Libra Place at Valparaiso, Chile
              died: 12 July 1901

              The 1891 & 1901 Censuses have a James Forbes, Bank Accountant, living at Willesden with a wife Helen and the following children:

                a. Harriet Jessie Forbes
                  born: 1882 Valparaiso, Chile

                b. Carlos MacIntyre Keith Forbes
                  born: 1885 Valparaiso, Chile

                c. Santiago Keith Forbes
                  born: 1886 Valparaiso, Chile

                d. Lionel Keith Forbes
                  born: 27 Mar 1888, Westminster
                  married: 29 December 1914 Rachel Sylvia Clark

                  Their children:

                  i. Sylvia Marion Forbes

                    born: 1916

                  ii. Brenda Katherine Forbes

                    born: 3 September 1920, Cambridge
                    married: 1945 John Tim Balchin and had issue

                e. Violet Elena Forbes
                  born: 1890 Willesden

            5. Jesse Forbes

              born: 1850 Paddington
              married: 1876 Richard Marrack, Barrister at Law (Jun 1876 Kensington 1a 199)
              died: 1906 (Dec 1906 Barnet 3a 178)

              The 1881, 1891 & 1901 Censuses do not show any children

            6. Charles MacIntyre Forbes

              born: 27 December 1854 Paddington
              died: April 1874 (Jun 1874 Kensington 1a 37)

            7. Harriet Forbes

              born: 1856 Paddington
              The 1901 Census shows her living in Reigate with two sisters.

            8. Margaret Forbes

              born: 1857 Paddington

              The 1901 Census shows her living in Reigate with two sisters.

            9. Anna Forbes

              born: 1858 Paddington

            10. Elizabeth Forbes

              born: 1861 Paddington

              The 1901 Census shows her living in Reigate with two sisters.

            11. Andrew Forbes

              born: 1863 Paddington
              The 1901 Census has an Andrew Forbes, a consulting mechanical engineer, living in Headingby, Yorkshire with a wife, Mary, and two servants. In the 1911 Census Andrew & Mary are living in Hampstead.

            12. Henry Warren Forbes

              born: 1864 Paddington
              married: 1901 Evelyn Kate Ashfield
              died: 26 February 1919, Rookhope, Durham

              Trinity College, Cambridge, B.A. 1886; M.A. 1890
              Ordained deacon (York) 1887 and priest, 1888.
              Curate of Hessle, Yorks., 1887-92.
              Curate of St John's, Deptford, Kent, 1892-4.
              Vicar of Lode, Cambs., 1894-1902.
              Rector of Conington, Hunts., 1902-8.
              Rector of Fen Ditton, Cambs., 1908-15.
              Vicar of Rookhope, Durham, 1915-19

              In 1891 he was the Curate of Hessle, Yorkshire and the 1891 Census lists Harriet and Margaret Forbes as residing with him. Both are described as "Living On Own Means". In 1901 he was vicar of Bottesham Lode, Cambridge and the 1901 Census lists Marion, Mary & Anna Forbes as residing with him. All three are described as "Living On Own Means". The 1911 Census shows just Henry and Evelyn with three servants.

            13. Mary Forbes

              born: 1868 Paddington

      ii. Mary Sarah

        born: 26 Dec 1824
        married: 3 October 1863 Dr James Davenport, a widower with two daughters.
        died: 25 October 1887, Brighton

        There were no children from this marriage.
        1881 Census Return

HENRY PLOWMAN Naval Surgeon 

born: 17 June 1779 Toller Porcorum.
married: firstly - 10 December 1817 Mary Elizabeth Kirkham at Winterborne Houghton. She died in 1820. Her death is noted as the 11th July in the July to December 1820 edition of the Gentleman's Magazine.
secondly - 14 March 1822 Frances Louisa Taunton at Bradford Peverell, witnesses R C Sabine and A Taunton. [born: 1800, died: 27 Feb. 1857, Kempson, Beds. Her will is recorded at the National Archives ref: 17 July 1857 PROB 11/2255 An Extract]
died: 1 March 1842, Dorchester. His will is recorded at the National Archives ref: 25 April 1842 PROB 11/1961A rough transcription of his will
He was Surgeon R.N. and served in many ships of war during the early part of the nineteenth century:

The ORION 31 March 1801 to 10 July 1804. The National Archives holds the will of Henry Plowman, as a Surgeon's First Mate, dated 15 January 1802.

HMS PRINCE from 13th April 1803 to 5th January 1805.

The THUNDER from 26th January 1804 to 4th September 1805.

HMS AMPHION from 5th September 1805 to 30th November 1807.

The BARFLEUR from 9th March 1808 to 15th May 1809 and was present at the evacuation at Corunna in 1809. The Surgeon's logs for 1808 and 1809 are held at the National Archives ref: ADM 101/89/2/. It appears that Henry was one of the surgeons who removed the arm of General Sir David Baird.

The TRIUMPH from 16th May 1809 to 8th August 1810. Henry Plowman is mentioned in an article by Dr William Burnet about Mercury Vapour Poisoning. The actions and diagnosis of mercury vapour poisoning by Henry Plowman have also been cited by Michael Doherty MD in his 2003 paper The Quicksliver Prize: Mercury vapor poisoning aboard HMS Triumph and HMS Phipps.

The ST ALBAN'S from 24th November 1810 to 1st October 1811.

HMS-Ramillies-1814 (79K)

The BARFLEUR from 6th October 1811 to 27th October 1812, Captain Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy in command.

The RAMILLIES from 2nd November 1812 to 25th August 1815. Captain Sir T M Hardy Bart. was appointed to the RAMILLIES in August 1812 until June 1815. (Henry seems to have been on good terms with Hardy judging by Hardy's letters.

The 1828 Navy List has Henry as a supernumerary surgeon attached to HMS HYPERION at Newhaven with effect from 15th December 1827.

The RAMILLIES was the last ship in which Henry Plowman served as surgeon before he married. He lived at 9 Portman Street, Portman Square, London until 1826. There after he spent one or two years on the Sussex coast, where he was employed as Surgeon RN, visiting such places as Littlehampton, Bognor, Goring, Worthing etc.. This began about February 1827 and ended about 19 Sept. 1828, from that date he retired on half pay for life. About Michaelmas in the same year 1828 he and his wife went to Charminster , Dorset, and there they resided until the first week in April 1831, when they began residence in South Street, Dorchester.

He is listed in the 1831 Dorset Poll book along with Joseph Slade and the Rev H John Williams who were married to Frances' sisters. They all had interest in the same property in Cattistock occupied by a John Harris. (The 1841 Census for Cattistock has two John Harris, father and son aged 75 & 35, with both listed a "Yeoman". Henry also appears in the Register of Voters of Dorset 1838-9 as voter number 5498, qualifying by the "Lease of Land for Years" with a Robert Phelps listed as tenant. The 1840 & 1841 Electoral Registers for Dorset have the three brothers-in-law and Robert Phelps as entitled to vote in respect of property situated within the Parish of Winterborne Monckton. Phelps as the occupier and the others as Copyholders.

Henry is listed as one of the original subscribers to and commitee member of the Dorchester Dispensary from 1836 until its closure in 1841. He was then a member of the management committee of the Dorset County Hospital from 1838 until his death in 1842.

Henry Plowman was buried on 7th March 1842 in a new family vault in
St. Peter's Church, where there is also a small mural tablet to the memory of both he and his wife. His widow moved to Kempston, Beds., to live with her sister, Margaret Sophia, and her husband, Rev John Hamilton Williams, the Vicar of Kempston. The 1851 Census for Kempston lists Frances Plowman as a "Gentlewoman".

1841 Census

    his daughter by his first wife:

    1. Emily Mary

      born: 11 Sept. 1818, 9, Portman Street
      bapt: 09 Oct. 1818 Saint Mary-St Marylebone Road, Saint Marylebone, London, England.
      died: 27 May 1819, 9, Portman Street.

    his children by his second wife:

    2. Thomas Henry Plowman

      born: 7 March 1830 Charminster, bapt. 5 April 1832 St. Peter's,Dorchester. Admiral Sir Thomas Hardy Bt was a godfather.
      married: Mary Carter Smith, 4 Feb. 1862. She died 16 Feb 1865 (Mar 1865 Bath 5c 580)
      died: 23 February 1911, Kew, Surrey.

      B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge 1853. M.A. 1857.

      He married Mary at St. Lukes, Old Charlton, Kent. She died at Bath and was buried, with her daughter, in the Locksbrook Cemetery.

      His diary for 1890 is held by the Society of Genealogists

      his child;

      1 Ruth Plowman

        born: 8 Feb 1865, Bath.

        died: 9 Feb 1865, Bath (Mar 1865 Bath 5c 579)

    3. William Taunton Plowman
      born: 6 Oct. 1831 Dorchester
      married: Catherine Ann Handstaff 5 Sept. 1859
      died: Missing 20 April 1865

      He became M.R.C.S. Engl. in 1853; M.D. St. Andrews in 1854 and L.S.A. London in 1858. He was married at Hatch Branchamps, Somerset. Afterwards he resided at St. Austell, Cornwall. He appears in the London Gazette twice in 1860. Firstly, in July dissolving a partnership with a Roger Devine McManus "in the practice or profession of a Surgeon, Apothecary and Accoucheur". Secondly, in the December where a William T Plowman receives a Commission signed by the Lord Lieutenant of Cornwall as a Honorary Assistant-Surgeon to the 9th Cornwall Rifle Volunteer Corps.

      Returning from a second voyage to Australia, made unaccompanied by wife or child, he left Moreton Bay, Queensland on 1 April 1865 onboard the "Fiery Star". On 20 April he put off in one of the boats, the ship being on fire, and was never seen again.

      his children;

      1 William Henry Monckton Plowman

        bapt: 13 Sept. 1860 St. Austell.

        died: 27 Nov. 1861 St. Austell

      2 Frances Louisa Taunton

        born: 30 Nov. 1861 St. Austell.

        died: 1947 (Dec 1947 Taunton 7c 198)

    4. John Herbert Plowman, of whom presently:

born:: 9 Feb. 1836 Dorchester

married: Caroline Wicks 2 Oct. 1861, Heigham, Norwich. (Dec 1861 Norwich 4b 275) She was buried 18 Aug. 1923 aged 88, address 10 Bedford Avenue, Bexhill on Sea. (Sep 1923 Battle 2b 59)
died: 28 March 1890 Burbage, Wilts. (Mar 1890 Pewsey 5a 127)

He went from Uppingham School to Trinity College, Cambridge and took his B.A. in 1858. M.A. in 1866. Ordained Deacon 28 Sept. 1859, Priest 21 Sept. 1860 in the Parish Church of Eccleshall, Staffordshire by John Lonsdale, Bishop of Lichfield.

Curate of Lee Brockhurst, Salop. 1859-61
Rector of St John's Toronto, Canada 1862-66
Curate of Heytesbury, Wilts. 1866-79. Domestic Chaplain to Lord Heytesbury, 1877-79.
Vicar of Burbage,Wilts. 1879-90

The 1871 Census lists him living in Little London, Heytesbury with his wife, four children and three servants.
1881 Census Return

He was buried there on 1st April 1890 and there is a monument in the Churchyard to his memory. His widow and three children moved to 181 Albion Road, Stoke Newington.

    his children:
    1. Herbert William Thomas Plowman, of whom presently:

    Arthur C Plowman 1st May 1924

    2. Arthur Clement Plowman

      born: 12 July 1863 Toronto, Canada
      died: September 1939 (Sep 1939 Battle 2b 77)

      He passed the Preliminary Law Examination in 1862 but was never "articled".
      1881 Census Return
      Listed as a Clerk with a Tea Broker in the 1901 Census.

    3. Frances Mary Elizabeth
      born: 21 July 1865 Toronto, Canada
      married: 28 Sept 1893, Christs Church, Rawal Pindi, Punjab, India, Capt.(later Major) Charles William Allport R.A.M.C., second son of Henry Allport Esq of Co Cork, Ireland. Died: 15 February 1933, Great Yarmouth.
      died: 1947 Great Yarmouth (Mar 1947 Yarmouth 4b 627)

      1881 Census Return

    Miss Maud Plowman & Miss Plowman 1st May 1924

    4. Thomas Alexander (MacDougall) Plowman
      born: 25 March 1867 Heytesbury, Wilts. baptised: 18 October 1867 (Jun 1867 Warminster 5a 151)
      died: 1951 - One Thomas A Plowman is recorded as dying in Dublin aged 83 (1Q1951 Dublin South 2 377)

      1881 Census Return.
      1901 Irish Census - Residence; 4 Grantham Street, Dublin. Occupation: Tea Agent
      1911 Irish Census - Residence; 4 Grantham Street, Dublin. Occupation: Traveller

      On 18th June 1918, in Dublin, Thomas Alexander Plowman (21152) enlisted in the Army Pay Corps aged 50. He was demobilised 23rd April 1920 as a Corporal having spent all his time in the Army in Dublin as a Clerk. His application for a disability pension due to Rheumatism brought on by working in a damp room was rejected. His previous occupation was given as a "traveller in tea" for R S Christie, 22 Eustace St, Dublin. On discharge his address was 4 Grantham Street, Dublin.

    5. William Plowman
      born:: 20 February 1872, Heytesbury, Wilts (Mar 1872 Warminster 5a 163)
      died: 20 February 1872, Heytesbury, Wilts. Buried 22 February 1872. (Mar 1872 Warminster 5a 107)

      Baptised at birth and lived for about an hour

    6. Edith Margaret Campbell
      born:: 12 Oct. 1874 Heytesbury, Wilts. baptised: 30 November 1874 (Dec 1874 Warminster 5a 159)
      died: 7 March 1952, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex. (Mar 1952 Hastings 5h 380)

    7. Ellen Maud
      born: 26 Feb. 1877 Heytesbury, Wilts. baptised: 2 April 1877 (Jun 1877 Warminster 5a 165)
      died: 24 September 1956, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex (Sep 1956 Battle 5h 20)

born: 13 July 1862 Toronto, Canada

married: Louisa Goodwin 9 Oct. 1888, St. Thomas' Church, Dudley. (Dec 1888 Dudley 6c 56) She died: 22 February 1948, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex.(Mar 1848 Battle 5h 13)
died: 19 Oct. 1902 Dudley, Worcestershire, buries St. James'. (Dec 1902 Dudley 6c 53)

B.A. Trinity College, Dublin in 1884. M.A. in 1892.
Ordained Deacon in 1885 and Priest 1886 at Sarum.
Curate of Warminster, Wilts 1885-87.
Curate of Hucknall-Torkard, Notts. 1887-90.
Curate of St. Anthony, Stepney, 1890-92.

1881 Census Return

He was appointed to an Indian Chaplaincy in 1892. He sailed for Bombay on the 4th November with his wife, son and his sister Frances Mary Elizabeth.

Chaplain (Ecclesiastical Establishment):

Rawal Pindi 1893-94

Hyderabad 1894-96

Ambala 1896-1900

    his son:

    1 Clifford Henry Fitzherbert Plowman, of whom presently;

HIM Haile Sellassie & CHF Plowman Aden 1933

born: 23 July 1889 Butler's Hill, Nottingham

married: 1 May 1924 St. John's, Westminster, Nora Margaret Pottinger Tweedy only daughter of G.A. Tweedy.

died: 25 Oct. 1948 Bedford.

Educated: Kings School, Ely. Trinity College, Cambridge. B.A. (Classical Tripos);

C.M.G. 1937, O.B.E 1928, J.P. Beds. 1941. FZS; FRES (Royal Empire Soc.).

Entered Colonial Civil Service as Assistant District Commissioner East Africa Protectorate 1912: Political Officer Turkana Expedition, 1915 (African General Service medal and clasp); Acting officer in charge, Northern Frontier District 1919-20; seconded to Foreign Office as H M Vice-Consul, Harar, Ethiopia 1920; transferred to Somaliland as H M Consul Harar 1922. H M Charge d'Affairs, Addis Ababa 1925-26: Political Officer and Assistant Commissioner British Somaliland - Ethiopia Boundary Commission 1931-33; Secretary to the Government of Somaliland 1933-40. Administered Government of Somaliland on several occasions, 1934-39; retired 1940; employed in Civil Defence, Beds. (A.R.P.S.),1940-41; attached General Staff, War Office, 1941-43; Home Guard (Captain) 1940-44, Oriental Secretary Addis Ababa 1945-47: Silver Jubilee medal, 1935; Coronation medal, 1937; Order of the Star of Ethiopia (2nd class), 1930 - Coronation of Haile Silassie.

      his children;

      1. Pamela Margaret

          born: 23 January 1925, Harah, Ethiopia
          married: 2 Apr 1954, Joachim Lucius Brandler(born 4 Aug 1912, died July 1988.)
          died: 25 December 2004, Bedford.

          her children:

          1. David Koerner Olufemi Brandler

              born: 3 April 1955, Lagos, Nigeria
              married: firstly; Rebecca Leith (no issue)
              secondly; Susan Amanda Baker

              his children:

              1. Alexander James Brandler

                  born: 29 June 1984, London

              2. Nicholas Guy Lucius Brandler

                  born: 20 September 1986, London

              3. Jessica Lily Bianca

                  born: 3 May 1990, London

          2. Andrew Clifford Winawer Brandler

              born: 19 April 1956, London.
              married: 13 July 1978 Francine Maclean McKinley

              his children:

              1. Edward Maclean Brandler

              born: 26 November 1978, London

              2. Christopher Maclean Brandler

              born: 28 June 1980, London

              3. William Maclean Brandler

              born: 28 August 1986. Toronto

              4. Michael Maclean Brandler

              born: 8 March 1990, Windsor.

          3. Marcus Tokuaboh Brandler

              born: 21 July 1957, Ibadan
              married: May 1991 Monica Font, Banyoles, Spain

              his children:

              1. Maximilian Joe Brandler

              born: 1991

              2. Joachim Anthony Brandler

              born: 1993

              3. Benjamin James Brandler

              born: 25 May 1996

          4. Penelope Faith Therese

              born: 2 May 1961, London
              married: 24 June 1989 Paul Michael Renney, Tilbrook Parish Church

              her children:

              1. Isabelle Margaret Stefania

              born: 26 December 1990

              2. Olivia Grace Madeleine

              born: 11 February 1993

              3. Catharine Terenia May

              born: 7 march 1995

              4. Lulu

              born: 1999

          5. Robert Guy Mobolaji Brandler
            born: 6 February 1996, Cambridge.

      2. Kathleen Nora

          born: 16 April 1926. Newbury, Berks.

          Ministry of Defence 1945-1986. MBE 1985.

      3. Ronald Tweedy Fitzherbert Plowman, of whom presently:


born: 10 July 1928 Harah, Ethiopia

married: 5 January 1957, RAF Butterworth, Malaya, Marilyn Margery Pitman, only child of Cdr S.R.J. Pitman R.N.

died: 17 July 2004, Royal United Hospital, Bath. His ashes were interred at All Saints Church, Odiham, Hants 9 October 2004.

B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge.

National Service February 1947 until March 1949, 2nd Lieutenant Royal Army Service Corps. October 1949 to June 1952 Trinity College. Squadron Leader, Royal Air Force, October 1952 to October 1968. General Service Medal: Malaya 1957. Senior First Officer British Airways, 1968 to 1981. College of Arms Grantee 1993.

    his children:

    1. Stephen James Fitzherbert Plowman of whom presently

    2. Alexandra Claire

      born: 22 July 1970, Basingstoke

      M.A. (Classics) New Hall, Cambridge 1992.


born: 24 September 1959, Portsmouth

married: 12 January 1991, St Etheldreda's, Ely Place, Holborn, Katherine Margaret Carver BSc RM RGN, eldest daughter of Capt. P.M. Carver R.N., Under Treasurer of Lincoln's Inn.

TD 1993 FSA (Scot)

Sub-Lieutenant, Royal Navy, September 1978 until May 1981. September 1981 onwards, the Lloyd's of London insurance market. The Treasurer and a Trustee of the Lloyd's Volunteer Forces Fund. Major, Territorial Army, firstly with The Queen's Regiment and then The Princess of Wales' Royal Regiment upon the former's merger with the Royal Hampshire Regt. Freeman of the City of London, 21 February 1994. Golden Jubilee Medal 2002. Volunteer Reserves Service Medal 2003.

    his children:

    1. Frances Mary Elizabeth

      born: 29 September 1991, Guy's Hospital, London.

    2. Christopher Malcolm Fitzherbert Plowman

      born: 9 April 1993, King's Hospital, London.

    3. Alexander James Carver Plowman

      born: 5 July 1998, Corner House, Albany Road, Fleet.