born: [son of William Plowman? tbc]

married: Anne. (buried 26 Nov. 1696, Sherborne.)

died: c.1683; buried 6 Feb. 1683/4, Sherborne, Dorset.

A Thomas Plowman of Sherborne appears in the Protestation Returns for Dorset on 5 march 1641. A Thomas Ploughman of the Borough of Newland and Castle Town appears in the Dorset Hearth Tax returns of 1664.

From a document of Apprenticeship it would appear Thomas Plowman was a Master Joiner. The document, dated 24 August 1663, arranges for a Mary Plowman (baptised 11 May 1649), the daughter of Francis Plowman (buried 24 May 1654), also a joiner, to be an apprentice to Thomas and Anne Plowman until she reached 21 years of age. Witnessed by William Plowman.

Thomas Plowman died without making a will. A document of the Court of the Dean of Salisbury dated 15 Feb. 1683, this gives administration of his estate to his wife Anne. Witnessed by John Plowman.

    his children;

    1. William Plowman?, see main page:

    2. Anne Plowman

      born: 1652. bapt 7 Nov. 1652, Sherborne

    3. John Plowman

      born: 1655. bapt 22 May 1655, Sherborne.
      A John Plowman, of Sherborne, went to Sherborne School c.1660. He became a governor in 1691 and Warden in 1698.

    4. Mary Plowman

      born: bapt 16 Feb. 1657/8, Sherborne.

    5. Thomas Plowman
      A document of Apprenticeship dated 30 Dec. 1715 identifies a Thomas Plowman, the younger, as a Master Carpenter.