1688 – 1735




The Descent listed below has come from a number of sources but cannot be guaranteed 100% accurate. The text is colour coded to reflect the various sources:


Black – A hand written pedigree, provenance unknown, in the possession of Lexia Bain.

MaroonSupposition or specific records that turned up in the research of the Plowman family tree (

GreenInternet site of Kent memorials

PurpleA post made by Jenny Kain at

Fuchsia – Records at

Red – The Herald’s Visitation of Cornwall, 1620




Arms: Argent a chevron between three lizard’s heads Sable.


John Langdon of Bicton

Richard Langdon of Keverell

Walter Langdon (b.1584) m.Elizabeth Amindeth

William Langdon (b.1604)

William Langdon (b.1668)

His son:

1.      REV GILBERT H LANGDON (b.1688 d. 1735) m1 Ann (Plowman?) m2 Mary Groves

1.1.   Rev William Langdon (b.1707) m1 Ane Weare m2 Dorothy Blackmore

1.1.1.      Anna Marie Langdon (b.1738)

1.1.2.      Elizabeth Langdon (b.1734)

1.1.3.      Margaret Langdon (b.1736)

1.1.4.      William Langdon (b.1737 d.1825) m.Elizabeth Langdon (b.1776 d.1858) m. Mary Grigg      Gilbert Langdon (b.1798)      Henrietta Marie Theresa Langdon (b.1801 d.1844)      Charles Frederick Langdon (b.1810)      Mary Lucy Langdon (b.1799 d.1888) m James Edwards Edwards (b.1823 d.1906) Edwards (b.1827 d.1919) Edwards (b.1831 d.1894) m.Christina Laing      Beatrix Edwards (b.1877 d.1977) m.William McDonald children, 8 surviving. Edwards (b.1828 d.1874) Edwards (b.1837 d.1896) Edwards (b.1834)      Charles William John Grigg Langdon (b.1811) Langdon (b.1779) Langdon (b.1782) Langdon (b.1784 d.1805) Tobias Langdon (b.1787 d.1811) Langdon (b.1790 d.1879)

1.2.   Gilbert Langdon (b.1708 d. 1791)

1.2.1.      Mary Langdon (b.1732)

1.2.2.      Edward Langdon (b.1733 d.1794)

1.2.3.      Rev Gilbert Langdon (b.1734 d.1823) m. Elizabeth (Plowman?) Langdon (b.1768) Langdon (b.1773) Langdon (b.1775) Langdon (b.1776) m1 John Warren Plowman m2 Samuel Fitzherbert (b.1778) Gilbert Henry Langdon (b.1780 d. 1840) m.Ann Fitzherbert      Rev George Leopold Langdon (d.1894) George Langdon RN (b.1845 d.1871) Henry Langdon (b.1854 d.1867) Marion Langdon (b.1870 d.1869)      Rev Gilbert Henry Langdon (b.1805 d. 1851)      Frederick William Langdon (b.1806 d.1890) m. Jane Sabine Angus Langdon (b.1840) Langdon (b.1842) Ann Langdon (b.1843) Isabel Langdon (b.1845 d.1891) Langdon (b.1847) Langdon (b.1848 twin) Langdon (b.1848 twin) Lucy Langdon (b.1851) Langdon (b.1852) James Langdon (b.1853 d.1892) Langdon (b. 1855) (b.1857)      James Conway Langdon (b.1806 d. 1887) m.Eleanor Cookson Nance Marion Langdon (b.1845) Catherine Langdon (b.1848) Eliza Langdon (b.1852) Henry Langdon (b.1854 died young) Ann Langdon (b.1855) m. Ben Hall Caroline Langdon (b.1856) Fitzherbert Langdon (b.1857) m.Clemence Glynn Conway Langdon (b.1860) m.Lucy Binney Henry Langdon (b.1863 d.1946) m.Bridget Leahy      William Henry Langdon (b.1895 d.1960) m. Flora Mary Robinson Allen Langdon (b.1923) m Gwendolyn Conway Langdon (b.1925) m1.Valerie m2.Vera Leonard Langdon (b.1932) m.Pearl Mary Nelson      Susan Maree Langdon (b.1958) m. Michael Collins      Neville Douglas Langdon (b.1960)      William Henry Langdon (b.1963)      Roslyn Ann Langdon (b.1966)      Constance Marion Langdon (b.1897)      George James Langdon (b.1890)      Herbert Conway Langdon (b.1901) m.Ruby Badden-Powell      Edith Evelyn (b.1923) m.William Dunne

1.2.4.      Ann Langdon (b.1736)

1.2.5.      William Langdon (b.1740)

1.2.6.      Henrietta Langdon (b.1742) m. William Ruller

1.2.7.      Katherine Langdon (b.1746)

1.3.   Tobias Langdon (b.1713)

1.4.   Anne Langdon (b.1713 d.1715)

1.5.   Richard Langdon (b.1717 d.1723)

1.6.   Henrietta Langdon (b.1719 d.1723)