John D'Oyly Tweedy


Born: 1837 Camberwell, London

Married: 1857 Isabella Mossman (Dec 1857 Islington 1b 389)

Died: 1866 (Mar 1866 Islington 1b 232)


1861 Census; lists John, Isabella and Violet Tweedy as living in Islington. John’s occupation is not clear, perhaps a clerk in the Inland Revenue.


1871 Census; lists Isabella, Effie and Jessie as living 26 Douglas Road North, Highbury. Isabella is recorded as a widow with an income from letting apartments. Violet is living with Hugh and Anne Jean Tweedy and is described as a granddaughter.


1881 Census; Isabella and Effie are still listed as living at 26 Douglas Road North. Violet is a Governess to the Mann family at Langley Marish, Bucks. Jessie is a boarder or scholar with a Caroline Smith at West St Cromer in Norfolk.


1891 Census; Violet is living with the widowed Anne Jean Tweedy. Effie is now Effie Veli and is described as an authoress, living as a lodger with three children at 3 Stockwell Road(?), Lambeth. Jessie married in 1885 to either a David Watt or Henry Richard Cooper – details to be confirmed. Isabella Tweedy is living in Perth with Jessie and her husband David Watt, a granary manager, and their two daughters.


1901 Census; Violet is in Eastbourne visiting an Isabella Douglas. Effie Veli is a widow boarding with four children in Streatham. The head of the household is a Louis Hooper. She is described as living on own finances. Isabella Tweedy is living in Lambeth with Jessie and her husband David Watt and their two daughters.


John & Isabella’s children;


  1. Violet Emma Doyly Tweedy

Born; 12 Oct 1859 (Dec 1859 Islington 1b 177)


  1. Effie Mary Tweedy

Born; 29 March 1862 (Jun 1862 Islington 1b 249)

Married; 1st 1881 Nicholai Veli (Dec 1881 Islington 1b 682)

2nd 1901 either Louis Hooper Vine or Philip Last, probably the former (Sep 1901 Wandsworth 1d 1238),


Children from her first marriage;


a.       Marie Veli Born 1883 (Marie Nicolaierna Veli Dec 1883 Islington 1b 355)

Married: 1906 (Jun 1906 St Marylebone 1a 1330) Charles Leonard Oliver or Julian Phillips

b.      Vassilieff Veli Born 1885 (Osman Nicolaievich W Veli Jun 1885 Islington 1b 404 ?)

c.       Vera Veli Born 1887 (Vera Isabella N Veli Jun 1887 Hackney 1b 458)

d.      John Veli Born 1896 (John Strogonoff N Veli Sep 1896 Camberwell 1d 823)

e.       ? (Winnifred Effie M Veli ? Jun 1892 Wandsworth 1d 746)


  1. Jessie Isabella Tweedy

Born. 1865

Married: 1885 David Watt (Mar 1885 Islington 1b 446)


a.       Amelia Allan Watt born 1885 (Mar1885 Islington 1b 456)

b.      Jesse Isabella Watt Born 31st December 1886 (1887 St Andrew, Edinburgh GRO 685/02 0100)