Cenus 1871 Heytesbury

Ecclesiastical District Salisbury
Town Heytesbury
No. of Schedule ROAD, STREET, &c., and No. or NAME Of HOUSE HOUSES NAME and Surname of each Person RELATION to Head of Family CONDITION AGE of Rank, Profession, or OCCUPATION WHERE BORN Whether 1.Deaf-and-Dumb 2. Blind 3.Imbecile or Idiot 4.Lunatic
Inhabited Unihabited (U) or Building (B) Male Female
54 Little London |   John H Plowman Head Mar 35   Curate of Heytesbury Dorchester, Dorset  
        Caroline Plowman Wife Mar   35   Norfolk, Norwich  
        Herbert W T Plowman Son   9   Scholar Canada  
        Arthur C Plowman Son   7   Scholar Canada  
        Frances M E Plowman Dau     5 Scholar Canada  
        Thomas A McD Plowman Son   4     Wilts, Heytesbury  
        Sarah Langford Serv Unm   23 Nursemaid Somerset, Northmore Glees(?)  
        Elizabeth Wansborough Serv Unm   22 Cook & G. Servant Wiltshire, Chitterne  
        Anne Hancock Serv Unm   14 House Maid Wiltshire, Sutton Veny