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St Stephen's Church

Hodges-arms (63K) Or three crescents Sable on a canton Sable a ducal coronet Or. Hodges
Pryce_crest (10K) crest2 (39K) A demi lion rampant Gules. Pryce
Gilbourn-arms (69K) Azure on a chevron Or three roses Gules leaved and slipped Vert . Gilbourne
scrimshire-arms (69K) Gules a lion Or within a bordure vair. Scrimshire
Windle_arms (68K) blazon5 (28K) On a pile three martlets between in base two crosses patty. Windle
Wilson_arms (73K) Sable a wolf rampant and in chief three estoiles Or . Wilson
Wilson-wife_arms (27K) Sable a lion and in chief three estoiles Or [for Wilson] impaling quarterly 1 & 4 Sable lozengy Argent bearing spots Gules a canton Gules 2 Argent two hounds passant Gules 3 Azure on a bend Or three cinquefoils Gules. . Wilson wife
Moyer-Jolliffe_arms (81K) Argent two chevronels Gules on each a spur rowel of six Or impaling Argent on a pile Vert three hands apaumé of the first. Moyer Jolliffe
Deschamps-wife_arms (55K) Sable a chevron Argent cotised Or between three garbs Argent impaling Sable a fess engrailed Argent between three hands apaumé Or. Deschamps wife
Brown-wife_arms (53K) Argent three martlets in pale Sable two flaunches of the last each charged with a lion passant of the field  impaling Argent the sinister half of a reverse pall Gules charged with  four mullets Or. Brown wife
Hayward-arms (58K) Argent on a pale Sable three crescents Argent impaling Argent two bars Sable in chief three round buckles Azure. Haywards
Royds_arms (25K) . Royds
Marriott_arms-2 (13K) blazon13 (21K) Barry of six Or and Sable [for MARRIOTT] impaling a fess embattled between six roundles. Marriott
Stonestreet_memorial2 (54K) blazon14 (28K) . Stonestreet