Patent of Arms to John Maxwell Lord Herries, 1567

Stevenson (1914, p. 121)

`TWILL ALL AND SINDRIE quhome it efferis quhais knawlege thir Pntis salcum Greting In god evirlesting We Shir Robert forman of Luthrie Knicht Lyoun King of armes with our brithir herauldis of the realme of Scotland being requirit be the richt honorable johnne lord maxwell of hereiss to assigne and gif unto him sic armes In mettaill and culloure as maist deulie suld appertene to him and his posteritie as become us of our office to do QUHAIRFORE we having respect to thais thingis that appertenit hes assignit and assignis to him quarterlie the first and thrid silver ane saulter sable with ane Lambeaw of thre feitt gulis secund and ferde silver thre hurtcheonis sable with the beraris of the scheilde helme Tymmerall and Detoufl as heirunder Is Depaintit quhilk he and his posteritie may lefullie beir without reproche Quhilk We testifie be thir Pntis Subscrivit be Marchemont hairauld our clerk of office quhairunto oure seile of office is appensit At Edinburgh the Secund Day of aprile the zeir of god ane thowsand fyve hundreth thre score sevin zeiris.



mr'chemont hairauld, clerk of ye office
of Armes of Scotland.'

(Dorso.) 'Armes of the hous of herreis.'