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Armigerous Memorials in Chichester Cathedral

See of ChichesterAzure a Presbyter John sitting on a tombstone in his left hand a mound his right extednded all Or with a linen mitre on his head and in his mouth a sword proper.BGA

Rt Rev Herbert Edward Jones DD
(2nd son of 3rd BT)
Dexter: See of Chichester.
Sinister: Azure on a fesse Or three grenades fired proper in chief a castle and in base a lion couchant Argent.
BGA & Debrett's 1923
Charles Eamer KempeGules three garbs Or upon a border engrailed of the last eight pellets.BGA (Kempe Oxford)
Lt Col Sir Edward Wheler BtArms; Or a chevron between three leopards' faces Sable
Crest: On a ducal coronet Or an eagle displayed Gules
Debrett's 1923
Rev Henry Blaxton Argent two barrulets and in chief three cocks Gules a mullet of the last for difference. BGA (Blaxton Sussex)
Captain Thomas Allen RN Argent two bars wavy Azure on a chief of the last an etoile between two escallops Or. BGA (Viscount Allen)
Joseph Baker Dexter: Argent a tower between three keys erect Azure. Sinister: Argent a tower between three keys erect Azure. BGA (Baker Kent & Sussex).
Spouse Martha Baker(?)
Lt Noel Roland Abbey Quarterly, 1st & 4th Gules on a fess Or between three lozenges in chief and a lymphad oars in action and sails furled in base all Argent, a swallow volant of the field; 2nd & 3rd Paly Or and Gules a chief vair Harleian Society's Grantees of Arms
Fox-Davies' Armorial Families 1902.
Rev Thomas Hayley DD Dexter: Or on a cross Azure a cinquefoil between four mascles of the first
Sinister: Gules three crescents Or within a bordure engrailed Argent
BGA (Hayley Salop)

Spouse; Sarah Harlowe, daughter of Thomas Harlowe

Rt Rev Robert Grove Dexter: See of Chichester
Sinister: Ermine on a chevron engrailed Gules three escallops Or
Rt Rev Henry King Quarterly 1st & 4th Sable a lion rampant between three crosses crosslet Or ducally crowned Argent 2nd and 3rd ? Three lions salient ? within a bordure engrailed ? tba
Rt Rev Guy Carleton Dexter: See of Chichester
Sinister: Ermine on a bend Sable three pheons Argent
John Quantock Azure an eagle displayed with two heads erminois in chief three estoiles Argent. Crest; Out of the battlement of a tower Gules charged with two annulets Or a demi eagle with two heads and wings issuant per pale erminois and ermine. BGA (Quantock Somerset)
Alderman George Harris ? A chevron between three hedgehogs ? .
John Cawley Dexter: Sable a chevron ermine between three swans' head erased at the neck Argent BGA (Cawley Sussex)
Rt Rev Ernest Roland Wilberforce DD Dexter: See of Chichester
Sinister: Argent an eagle displayed Sable beaked and legged proper
Rt Rev William Otter (Left) Dexter: See of Chichester
Sinister: Or on a bend Gules three crescents of the first.

(Right) Dexter:Or on a bend Gules three crescents of the first
Sinister: Vert two bends wavy ermine on a canton Or five torteaux


Spouse; Nancy Sadlier Bruere daughter of William Bruere

Rt Rev Edward Storey Per fess Argent and Sable a pale counterchanged three storks of the last. PGA(Storey, Shaftesbury)
Rt Rev Robert Shurburne Quarterly 1st Vert a pelican vulning herself Or a border compony of the second and first 2nd & 3rd Or a lion rampant Vert 4th Vert an eagle displayed Or. BGA blazons the Arms of the Bishop in the hall of New College, Oxford in the Visitations of 1574;
Quarterly 1st Argent a pelican vulning herself Vert a border indented compony of the second and first 2nd & 3rd Argent a lion rampant Vert 4th Argent an eagle displayed Vert.
Thomas Wheeler Dexter: Or a chevron Gules between three leopards' faces Sable
Sinister: Per pale Argent and Sable a lion rampant counterchanged.
Major Hugh Fitzhardinge Drummond Quarterly 1st & 4th Or three bars wavy (for Drummond) 2nd & 3rd Or a lion's head erased within a double tressure flory-counterflory Gules (as a coat of augmentation for the House of Drummond, Viscount of Strathallan) Burke's Peerage 2003
Lt Col Richard Buckner CB RA & Mary Marsh Peirce Dexter: Gules a book open Or between three bucks' heads erased ermine.
Sinister;Azure a bend (wavy) Or between two unicorns' heads erased Argent maned Or.
Sinister: Fox_Davies' Armorial Families 1902; notes that these Buckner Arms were granted to John Buckner, Bishop of Chichester and Admiral Charles Buckner, his brother.

Dexter: BGA (Peirce, Canturbury)
The IGI lists the Christening of a Mary Marsh Peirce, daughter of John Peirce, 22 Aug 1775 Canterbury, Kent

Joshua Le Marchant Azure a chevron (couped) Or between three owls Argent legged of the second. BGA (Le Marchant, Guernsey)