Royal Arms

Quarterly 1st & 4th France & England quarterly 2nd Or a lion rampant within a double tressure flory counterflory Gules for Scotland 3rd Azure a harp Or stringed Argent for Ireland.

Francis COVELL

Citizen & Skinner

b.1552 d.1621

Azure a lion rampant Argent a file of three lambeaux Gules each charged with as many bezants.

The original monument was destroyed in the Blitz.

Blazon: BGA

Sir John EYLES Bt

Lord Mayor 1727

& Haberdasher

Argent a fesse engrailed in chief three fleurs-de-lys Sable (Eyles)

Displayed with

Barry nebuly of six Argent and Azure on a bend Gules a lion passant guardant Or (Haberdashers’ Company)

Blazon: BGA

Sir Thomas CHITTY Bt

Lord Mayor 1760

Gules a chevron ermine in chief three talbots’ heads Or (Chitty)

Displayed with

Per chevron Azure and Gules three covered covered cups Argent (Salters’ Company)

Blazon: BGA

Slingsby BETHELL

Lord Mayor 1755

Argent on a chevron between three boars’ heads couped Sable an estoile Or (Bethell)

Displayed with

Azure three dolphins naiant in pale Argent finned and ducally crowned Or between two pairs of lucies in saltire (the sinister surmounting the dexter) proper over the nose of each lucy a ducal crown of the third on a chief Gules three pairs of keys endorsed in saltire Or (Fishmongers’ Company)

Blazon: BGA


Citizen & Glazier

b.1713 d.1775

Per pale Argent and Sable a chevron between in chief two mullets pierced and in base a crescent all counterchanged

Impaling the same Arms

The original monument was destroyed in the Blitz.

Charles de BEAUVOIR

b.1636  d.1702



Argent a chevron between three cinquefoils Gules (de Beauvoir)


Sable a griffin between three crosses paty fiitchy Or (for Sherwin)

Hieronimus BENALIUS

(Jerome Benali)

of  Bergamo

b.c.1525 d.1583

Argent a chevron Sable between in chief two fighting cocks respectant and in base a lion rampant Gules.

Baldwin HAMEY

b.c.1568 d.1640

Gules a fesse between in chief a buck courant Or and in base three mullets of  six points Argent two and one.


b.c.1568 d.1640

Or two eagles’ legs erased a la quise in saltire Sable.

The original monument was destroyed in the Blitz.


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Armigerous Memorials in All Hallows by the Tower, City of London

The church was gutted by bombing during the Blitz 1940/41. However, the contents of the church were surveyed in 1934.  The results of which are online at British History Online